Sloka Iyengar : Bharatanatyam for Creative Aging

July 07, 2023 Sloka Iyengar Season 2 Episode 8
Sloka Iyengar : Bharatanatyam for Creative Aging
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S2 E8

My guest today is Sloka Iyengar, classically-trained Bharatanatyam dancer & neuroscientist. Discover how this Indian 2000-year old dance and spiritual practice remains so relevant today. As we inevitably age, learn how it may improve your relationship to yourself, others and Life itself.

Find out how Sloka brought innovation to Bharatanatyam through her creativity. Join us & learn the Parrot 🦜 gesture and discover her very own contribution to Bharatanatyam : the Bat πŸ¦‡ gesture! The intersection between tradition, innovation & creativity never cease to amaze me :)

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Music Intro
Welcome Sloka!
The Root Question
From India to New York through Dance, Animal Advocady & Neuroscience
Bharatanatyam : An Act of Offering & Devotion
Storytelling Through Dance
Bringing Innovation to Tradition - Sloka's contribution to Bharatanatyam : The Bat gesture!
Bharatanatyam for Creative Aging : The Practice & its Benefits
How do you see the future for your practice?
Blending : Holistic, Resilience & Innovation
Thank you Sloka!