Scott Witthoft : This is a Prototype

March 12, 2023 Scott Witthoft Season 2 Episode 3
Scott Witthoft : This is a Prototype
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Season 2 - Episode 3

My guest today is designer and Stanford educator Scott Witthoft, author of the book This is a prototype. Join us as we discuss what prototyping is and what it is used for. Learn more about the world around you and celebrate your curiosity through the craft of prototyping!

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Music Intro
Welcome Scott!
The Root Question
What is a Prototype?
Low Fidelity Implementation VS High Fidelity Intention
Prototyping is a Journey : Utility VS Motivation
The Trap of Falling in Love with an Idea
You Made a Prototype! What Comes Next?
The Most Interesting Prototype
Resourcefulness : The Future of Prototyping as a Craft
Art VS Design
Celebrating Innovation as Change
Thank you Scott!
Music Intro