Victoria Finlay : The Brilliant History of Color

November 11, 2022 Victoria Finlay Season 1 Episode 14
Victoria Finlay : The Brilliant History of Color
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Season 1 - Episode 14
We can hardly talk about art & design without talking about colors! On this episode, we brighten up your day with author and journalist Victoria Finlay as we travel through time and across the world to learn about the history of color and pigments through fascinating stories. We weave it all (pun intended!) with the subjects of fabric & textile, the topic of her latest book. Join us on this journey of adventure and discovery!

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Welcome Victoria!
The Root Question
Her book : The Brilliant History of Color in Art
Sustainability : Then & Now
Colors : A matter of Money, Sacredness, Beauty, Power & the Celebration of Life
Which are Your Most Valuable Stories? #1 In search of the origins of the color Ultramarine in war-torn Afghanistan
Which are Your Most Valuable Stories? #2 Barkcloth & the Maisin people of Papua New Guinea
A Promise Kept
The Future of Pigment & Textile Sourcing: Sustainability, Tracability, Upcycling & Human Rights
Her Upcoming Project
Thank you Victoria!