Susie Wise : Design For Belonging

July 22, 2022 Susie Wise Season 1 Episode 9
Susie Wise : Design For Belonging
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Season 1 - Episode 9
In this episode, I meet with Susie Wise, designer and professor at Stanford University's Susie is the co-founder of Liberatory Design and author of Design For Belonging. We discuss the concepts of belonging vs othering, the moments of belonging and levers of design.
Not only is her book insightful, it's a beautiful object certain to delight designers! One you keep on your desk to refer to everyday, whatever your work is. I'm very excited to chat about it all with her on this ninth episode :)

"Your work is to craft the building blocks of daily life experiences & ensure that each one builds towards belonging." - Susie Wise

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Music Intro
Welcome Susie!
The Root Question
Innovation in Education
How I came across Susie's book
Experiencing Belonging
Belonging VS Othering
Identifying the 9 Moments of Belonging
Identifying the 9 Levers of Design
The Future of Belonging
Thank you Susie!