David Dunne : The Pitfalls & Promises of Design Thinking

July 06, 2022 David Dunne Season 1 Episode 8
David Dunne : The Pitfalls & Promises of Design Thinking
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Season 1 - Episode 8
My guest today is David Dunne, author of Design Thinking at Work.
A seasoned strategist and marketer, David has worked with global brands such as Unilever, Sunlight and Dove. He is an award-winning educator, professor and director of the MBA programs at the Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria & senior lecturer at the Rotman School of Management.

Design Thinking at Work is the result of  years of research on how Design Thinking has been implemented in companies. Through case studies, we discover which were successful, which weren't and why. David Dunne's book is pure solace for innovators struggling to land co-creative initiatives in their organisation because of status quo and politics.
A must-read!

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Welcome David!
The Root Question
The Discovery of Design Thinking
DT : The Hype VS The Frustrating Reality
Design Thinking At Work : The Book
The 3 Tensions
Design Thinkers : You Are Not Alone
The Trivialisation of Design : Bring in the Clowns
Finding Solace
The Models of Design Thinking Programs
David's Two Most Surprising Discoveries
Aiming for Success : Give it 5 years
The Future of Design Thinking
David's First Business Experience
Thank you David!