Mark DeGarmo : Dance as a Social Innovation

April 27, 2022 Mark DeGarmo Season 1 Episode 3
Mark DeGarmo : Dance as a Social Innovation
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Season 1 - Episode 3
On this episode, I meet with Dr. Mark DeGarmo, Founder, Executive & Creative Director at Mark DeGarmo Dance, in New York City. We discuss MDD's upcoming 35th anniversary and its foundation. We discover how Mark came to create "Partnerships in Literacy through Dance & Creativity”, a celebrated & innovative educational program that has changed the life of thousands of kids attending Title 1 primary schools in Manhattan's Lower East Side over the course of 20 years now. Happy 35th MDD!

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Music Intro
Welcome Dr. Mark DeGarmo!
The Root Question
How Did Dance come into your Life?
From Juilliard to creating Mark DeGarmo Dance
Creating the Innovative Educational Program “Partnerships in Literacy through Dance & Creativity”
Why implement the program in Manhattan's Lower East Side?
What does the program encompass?
A Program Celebrated by President Obama
How do you see the future for MDD?
Happy 35th anniversary MDD!