Lina Adnani : Innovative Edutainment for Arabic Children

April 14, 2022 Anne-Julie Vallée Season 1 Episode 2
Lina Adnani : Innovative Edutainment for Arabic Children
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Season 1 - Episode 2
In this episode, we meet Lina Adnani, Co-Founder and Creative Officer at Adam Wa Mishmish, a company that creates high quality content for Arabic children using music and cartoons. We discuss the origins of the project, the challenges of learning Arabic and the desire to use Adam Wa Mishmish to bring joy to Arab children around the World!

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Music Intro
Welcome to Lina Adnani & Adam Wa Mishmish
The Root Question
All in the Family
The Challenges in Learning Arabic
The Why: Promoting re-identification with the Arabic language.
How did Adam Wa Mishmish came to exist?
Envisioning the Future for Adam Wa Mishmish
Nourishing the Inner Child
A Word on Joy
Thank You Lina!